Welcome to AuthorsSupportingAuthors.

Welcome to AuthorsSupportingAuthors, Authors United to Make Dreams Come True. Here is my vision for the site. Authors join and agree to help each other with book launches. This is a central place to go to in order to find people to:

  • Agree to host some aspect of a book launch.
  • Find out if there are book launches occurring that might compete with their own.
  • Find people to form critique groups.
  • Find Beta-Readers.
  • Find advice from veteran Authors.

There will be pages for various things such as book launch requests, as well as another idea I have in mind. But I’ll be asking some advice for that.

What’s one key to being successful? Getting it right from the beginning. You need as many people involved as possible to get your launch out there in a group. Hit that number 1 on Amazon and you can use Best Selling for you book. But my idea is not a one day hit at #1. We want days there. By using this site I hop authors can and will plan their launches to benefit each other. Publishers do that. They schedule their launch dates to not fight books in the same genre from their own company.

For the Indie Author, the Indie Authors are the company. And we are the biggest company in the world.

The site is to remain professional. If you don’t like what’s going on, or agree with something, by all means you may visit another site. This isn’t the place for drama or games. We are here to help each other. I have my other sites to run and I will be giving this one equal attention, but any drama and comments will be deleted. I don’t do that on other sites, but this one MUST remain respectful and professional in order to work moving forward.

All links on pages will open in the same window, not a new tab.

I’ll be setting things up for submission soon, Keep coming back for changes.

As for who I am, I run RonovanWrites and created LitWorldInterviews. Both here on WordPress.

Much Respect




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  1. Reblogged this on The Last Wave: An NDE, Ebook and commented:
    For Authors: Ronovan is stepping out with his new blog in honor of us self-publishers, i.e., indie authors. “Authors Supporting Authors:
    Authors United to Make Dreams Come True”!
    For all I have learned since entering the world of WordPress.com, I want to say thank you to all your wonderful, Courageous, creative individuals who live and breathe for inspiration. Indeed, our free, unheeded, imaginations and creative machinations are what takes us from ‘reality’ to other worlds of words!

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