Come be a part of #Author @PSBartlett #BookLaunch

Author_PhotoAward Winning Author P.S. Bartlett needs us.

She’s now gone Indie and has a book launch coming up and she needs you. April 14th, 2015 see the release of the prequel to her Award Winning The Blue Diamond: The Razor’s Edge. Contact her
P.S. Bartlett Demons and Pearls Cover

“My life has turned upside down lately with the new addition to my household of one grown daughter and three granddaughters but I can’t allow anything to slow me down. After all, I do this not only because I’d go crazy if I didn’t but also because I’ll never make writing my full time job if I don’t dedicate myself to it whole-heartedly.

So without going on and on because to be honest, I’m bloody exhausted, If you’d be interested in hosting my new book on your blog, please email me at or simply respond in the comments below and I will contact you ASAP.”

Get involved and help with the first of our Authors Supporting Authors efforts. By working together we can help each other on the road to our dreams

Preorder her book Today! That helps her book launch as well.

Click the link below to her site to get the link for it at Amazon or click the book cover to the right. To take you to Amazon.


Connect with P.S. Bartlett.

Amazon: Fireflies



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20 responses to “Come be a part of #Author @PSBartlett #BookLaunch

  1. Congratulations on your feature at the Citizen Rosebud! And what a stunning photo of you there!I was in a comment on Bella's January feminism in fashion blogging post. It was a long comment, but I noted about you,"One blogger who popped right into mind as not obviously feminist but certainly fese-imtnfriindly is . I mean, she's lean, longhaired, sexy, dresses daringly, sensuously, and to flatter her form, but it's always been to please herself. She cooks and shops — to please herself, and her partner cooks and shops too, to please himself."


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