Author Service Providers. Do You Have A Service?

Do you have a service an Indie Author can utilize?

Are you Free or at least affordable?

Do you work in trade? Yes, I said trade. Don’t know what I mean? You proofread this book, and the person proofreads or helps promote your book, perhaps through advertising space on their site.

If you have something for people to utilize, fill out the form at the bottom below and let us know. If you are legit, and especially if you have what are they called, testimonials, then we can talk about your service showing on the site.


Book Cover Artists/Book Trailers

Chris Graham-The Story Reading Ape Blog

“I must say a VERY big thank you to my wonderful sci-fi cover designer. Even though he has read the first book in the series, Chris has only had a few bits revealed to him as to the content of the upcoming books – scribblers are notoriously reticent when it comes to spoilers. And yet he has come up with the perfect covers for the next three books in the series. So – hail to Chris Graham and all those artists who can see into our dreams and interpret them in the real world. Kudos! I can’t wait to see what he does with the final eleven.”Jo Robinson (Indie Author) of the blog




Wendy JanesProofreading by Wendy for the Independent Author

Shannon A. Thompson (Author)-“I worked for a publisher for three years, and now, I can help you! These services are designed especially for new authors and small publishers. They also make great gifts for authors.”

Thomas Weaver (Novelist)-“I am willing to provide proofreading in trade for promotion of my brother’s novels. I also offer copyediting and substantial editing at low rates. “

Says author Gregory S. Close, “[…] if you are looking for a good editor of science fiction and fantasy fare, and you can tolerate diverse references to everything written in the genre, insane attention to detail and lots of weird witty humor, you should consider hiring my editor to be your editor.”




Language Translations

Olga Núñez Miret (Author)-Spanish Translations









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